Basics of Bioresonance-Therapy (BRT)

  1. In and round the human body there is electromagnetic information. This electromagnetic information controls the biochemical processes. Cell associations and organs have certain frequency responses. Thus a frequency spectrum originates in the organism.
  2. Except the general physiological, electromagnetic information there is also pathological information with every person, caused, e.g., by poison strains, damages, germs, uncured diseases, iatrogenic damages.
  3. The physiological and the pathological information are called together the body's own regulatory information.
  4. The body's regulatory information can be taken from the body's surface (antenna effect) and conducted into the Bioresonance device.
  5. From the patient's own frequency patterns the disturbing frequencies will be inverted to therapy signals with the help of modern electronics (Bioresonance device) without addition of other or technically generated frequency.
  6. The information transformed to therapy signals is conducted back by the Bioresonance device into the body of the patient. The therapy effect does not happen in the therapy device, but in the body of the patient himself.
  7. The therapy signals cause a therapy effect in the body of the patient by abolition or reduction of the pathological information on the one hand, stimulation or strengthening of the physiological information on the other hand.
  8. The aim of the Bioresonance therapy is to reduce or to eliminate the pathological information and to strengthen at the same time the physiological information.
  9. An improvement of the biochemical processes will follow from the improvements of the biophysical energy situation towards normalisation or healing.
  10. Principal purpose of the Bioresonance therapy is to activate and to release the endogenic regulation forces to an extent from the disturbing, pathological influence as it is necessary for a recovery.